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Entrepreneurial Journey

2020 Accomplishments

  • Partnered with PPS on the launch of the online Employee Development Course.
  • Together with Dr. Darryl Glover launched Eyefrica Media eyefricamedia.com

Published Books:

  • Co-authored and published Visionstryt`s 4th book with Dr. Darryl Glover called Visionstryt`s Marketing Guide for the Eyecare Industry.

Webinar Series Partnerships:

  • Collaborated with BBGR on the launch of a series of Staff Training Webinars for Optometric Practices.
  • Ob Malope was one of the international panelists for the Sightcare Premium webinars.
  • Collaborated with PPS on the Business Assurance webinars.
  • Storm UK Partnership

Invited as a guest speaker for the following organizations:

  • Online Optom Learning Series
  • Vision Science Academy
  • The World of Optometry Webinar Series
  • India Vision Institute 2nd International Optometry Conference

2019 Accomplishments

Developed the Visionstryt Academy Platform on visionstrytacademy.co.za


Iso Leso Partnership:

  • Launched the online Student Empowerment Course. This online course was made available to all final year Optometry Students in South Africa.
  • Iso Leso also ensured that all final year students receive a copy of Visionstryt`s Practical Guide for Optometric Staff Book.

Ob was one of the international speakers at the inaugural Webineyes online conference.

Collaborated with Cooper Vision to host an evening of contact lenses in Limpopo Province.


Carl Zeiss Collaborations:

  • Got invited by Carl Zeiss to present to all divisions of the company at their annual Town Hall meeting.
  • Muller`s Staff Training Workshop Presentation.
  • KZN Business breakfast meeting presented by Ob Malope.
  • Carl Zeiss ensured that all final year Optometry students receive a copy of Visionstryt`s Business Guide for Optometrists Book.
  • Visionstryt hosted a series of Training and Development Workshops at Carl Zeiss head office.

Established Activyt. This is a division of Visionstryt that specializes in digital marketing.

Published the 3rd book by Visionstryt called Visionstryt`s Practical Guide to Anterior Segment Conditions that was written by Marietjie Cilliers.

Visionstryt was one of exhibitors at both the Visiomed Conference and the Contact Connect International Contact Lens Conference.

Visionstryt facilitated the social media campaign for the International Contact Lens Conference. Ob Malope was the Master of Ceremony at the Gala Dinner hosted by Alcon.

Ob Malope was privileged to be one of the speakers at the South African Optometric Association Conference.

Ob Malope was given the opportunity to be a guest lecture at the Optometry Department of University of Johannesburg, lecturing to final year Optometry students.

2018 Accomplishments

  • Ob Malope won the Young Optometrist of the Year Award.
  • Presented a Keynote address “Optometry in the 21st Century” at the Alcon Business Academy.
  • Visionstryt exhibited at the Two Day South African Optometry Association Seminar.

Visionstryt developed the following training workshops:

  • Business Activation
  • Sales Training
  • Staff Training

Raude Optometrists Conference

  • Ob facilitated a full Optometric Staff Training Workshop that saw the entire company be trained on practical solutions that can be implemented readily in the practices.

Muller’s Conference

  • The Muller`s Optometric group is the oldest Optometry practice on the African continent. Ob was tasked with the responsibility of developing and sharing innovative strategies the group can implement in order to continue being a market leader in the industry.

BBR Optometry

  • BBR Optometry in the UK is one of the leading Optometric practices that specialize in advanced solutions for eye health. Ob was privileged to train the entire team with alternative business solutions they can employ to not only retain existing clients but most importantly attract new ones.

Sandhurst Eye Centre

  • Ob presented on what is the ideal practice framework and business models that will grow businesses from where they are to where they can and should be. The key concepts around business unusual and consumer centricity were thoroughly discussed.

2017 Accomplishments

Joint Venture Agreement with Iso Leso established

  • Published the 2nd book by Visionstryt called Visionstryt`s Practical Guide for Optometric Staff.
  • Visionstryt exhibited at the Contact Connect International Contact Lens Conference.

 Contact Connect International Contact Lens Conference

Business aspects of Optometry – Behavioural Contact Lens Profiling in an Optometry Practice

Ob presented on the various cutting edge strategies practices can apply within their businesses to effectively increase their contact lens business.

 University Workshops

University of Johannesburg – What Next? Entering the Market Place

Ob presented over a three week period how students can navigate and transition from students to practitioners. What to expect, how to excel and most importantly how to enjoy was what the students learnt.

  • University of Free State – From Success to Significance (How to build phenomenal Optometry Businesses)

Ob provided the students with critical strategies and tools they will need to not only become phenomenal practitioners but how they can also establish world class practices.

University of Limpopo – What kind of Optometrist do you want to become?

The final year students were challenged with various scenarios pertaining to the kind of future leaders the Optometry Industry desperately needs. Ob showed them how they can take Optometry to the next level.

 South African Optometry Association One Day Seminars – A Gateway to Eyecare

Essentials for Business and Practice Management

Ob discussed key essentials that are now relevant in this constantly changing world when it comes to every day practice. Practitioners were given strategies they can now apply within their businesses that will enable them to still thrive in today`s economy.

Graduate Institute of Optometry – Cutting Edge Seminars

Topic 1 – Effectively Managing the Consumer in a Tough Economy

Ob presented a cutting edge topic where he shared with various experts within Eye Care how they can still thrive and build great businesses in a tough economy. Ob provided the audience with fresh new information on exactly what they can do right now in their practices to overcome the uncertain economic changes taking place.

 Topic 2 – Consumer Profiling with an Optometric Practice

Ob facilitated a workshop with Optical Assistants from various practices across South Africa. The workshop training focused on consumer profiling within practices. Optical Assistants left equipped with practical tools they are now able to implement in the practices they work in.

 Visiomed Conference

  • Consumer Management, in the midst of increasing technological advances

How practices can still significantly do well with all the innovation taking place was thoroughly discussed. Ob trained practitioners on how they can reposition their practices in this technological world we are living in today.

2016 Accomplishments

  • Visionstryt exhibited at the Eye Focus Africa Conference.
  • Ob Malope presented s topic called “The Growth Potential of Your Business”

Ob highlighted what different ways and strategies businesses can employ to significantly take their businesses to the next level.

  • Visionstryt published its 1st book called Visionstryt`s Business Guide for Optometrists.

2013 Accomplishments

  • Visionstryt registered

Ob Malope had just started a Sales Representative job with Alcon and even though the company was registered, no trading took place until Ob left the company towards the end of 2014