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Why Book Ob Malope

As a global speaker within the Healthcare Industry, OB`s key business topics of interest can be grouped together under the following subjects:

Business Analytics

Business Development and Enhancement

Leadership and Professional Development

Strategic Advisory

Sales and Marketing Management

Whatever the business topic of discussion is, Ob is your go-to-guy for facilitation and execution. His practical examples in discussions and personal touch of challenging the status quo will leave you with riveting and thought provoking strategies you can apply.

He specializes with cutting edge content, innovative information and world class presentation skills.

You are guaranteed one thing: An array of information that you can practically implement within your business on a daily basis

His audiences range from industry leaders with 30+ years of experience to students he lectures at universities.

What distinguishes Ob from any other professional speaker in healthcare is that he has the unique ability to bridge the gap between the various racial, cultural, religious and economic dynamics that exist in his audiences.

Why should you book OB for your next event?

  • Thought provoking and riveting strategies you can apply.
  • Fresh innovative information that will enable you to thrive in a constantly changing world.
  • Business solutions that are practical and necessary for business excellence and performance.
  • World class presentation skills that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Worthwhile experiences that will help you think outside the box when it comes to navigating your business.
  • Advanced sales, strategy and leadership solutions that will enable you to excel in uncertain economic climates.